Xperia Z3 Remote Play Trailer

Sony has announced a new way to play video games anywhere in your home however you will need the  Xperia smart phone in order to do so. The Xperia now has the ability with WiFi not only to connect with your PlayStation 4 but play its games on the phone with the help of a Dual Shock controller. This could be a big leap forward for the gaming community because off the possibility to play Console games on a mobile device if for whatever reason it would be difficult to play whatever game on the console itself.  However in a world that is ruled by I phones and droids and the occasional Windows phone Sony may have to rethink the idea of this being a Xperia exclusive and open this as maybe an app or add on to the PSN app already on I tunes app store or Google play store. The Xperia remote play is now available on Xperia phone exclusively.