Xbox Stuff of the week

Today we have great news for Xbox One owners especially for the major fans of Xbox One Backward compatible program. Not to mention that we have great announcements like the new Add-on for The Division the second expansion part of the free updates until the first Down Loadable content story release between June and September. We also have some new information on the release of the new HomeFront Revolution and a few more tidbits of information for Xbox.

Let’s kick things off with the big news about this past week of Xbox releases. Call of Duty Black ops 1 was officially released with the popular Zombie mode and every one of the other modes as well. Call of Duty Blacks ops was the first in the Call of Duty in the series to feature a timeline that started sometime after the events of the fifth Call of Duty game Call of Duty World at War. The game was the first to take place in a setting in between a Modern era of Warfare and an older form of warfare found in the older World War two games. Now Black ops 1 is available exclusively on Xbox On with backward compatibility. You will need to install Black ops by either placing the physical disk inside the console or downloading it from the digital download in the options menu and lastly you can buy the digital copy on the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One.

Next, we Homefront related news. This week marks the official release of the new Homefront reboot, Homefront revolution. Revolution, as we stated before, has nothing to do with the original other than the United States being invaded and occupied by a foreign power this case North Korea. Revolution provides for an interesting thriller that has a decent story about it that makes it a worthy reboot. Every weapon in the game is customizable and allows you the player to play any way you want. Homefront is available now on Xbox One.

We also have great news for Xbox Batman Arkham fans. The first two entries into the Batman Arkhamverse will be available for purchase. Batman Arkham Asylum will feature re-made updated graphics lighting and in-game physics. Batman Arkham city will be getting the same treatment as Arkham Asylum. Batman Return to Arkham with all DLC packs will be available on Xbox One for 49.99 July 29th.

Also from this week on Xbox Majornelson has announced more games coming to the game preview program. For those who may not know the game preview program allows for developers to live test games in a pre-alpha testing system. The preview program also allows for any gamers intrested to be in constant contact with the games developers to deviler a perfect product without a lot of bugs.

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Also this Tuesday is the release of OverWatch.