Xbox One New Experience Launch

Today is a huge day for Microsoft and the Xbox franchise. However of all the new things that will come with Xbox coming together with Windows 10 is also the Launch of Xbox One Backwards compatibility, along with the newly re made home screen, and even more speed to the console thanks to Windows 10’s DirectX 12 that will bring a better and more impressive look to the playable titles coming to Xbox One. All of the Xbox 360 games will be released in successive waves with the first 104 games being made available today with the release of the new experience.

Backwards compatibility the biggest feature of the new experience is a revolutionary concept that brings the biggest gaming library in console gaming history. The way that it works for those who are not sure is if you own a digital or physical copy of and Xbox 360 game that in this case is on the list of the first wave of 104 games to be available will either appear in the Xbox One’s library if it is a digital copy or will install if it is the physical copy of the game. As for Downloadable content that was released for the 360 games they will show up in the library one the game has installed, however if for what ever reason you do not own a DLC pack than you must buy it on the Xbox 360 because for now you cannot make any purchases on the Xbox One Store for Xbox 360 downloadable content. If you have not unlocked certain achievements on the 360 than you’ll have a chance to unlock them on the Xbox One but will still count towards the Xbox 360 achievements. Finally Xbox one owners playing in multiplayer match on Xbox 360 will be able to hope on and play with or against players on the Xbox 360 games and servers, this is on the concept of cross platform play between current generation and the last generation first tested with the World of Tanks Xbox One release in the early summer.

Beside bring the Largest console gaming library in console history the Xbox One new experience will be launching with a completely new look. First is the main dash board, now everything is a vertical scroll away. The Xbox software development team has done this so we the player can have an easier experience looking for whatever it is they are looking for. The new organization concepts is faster than the previous Dash board operating system of that the Xbox One launched with. Also the Avatars will be returning but not to the extent that they existed on The Xbox 360. The major difference is That instead of the avatars playing around on the main dash board they will only appear in stead of the chat messenger app when you are chatting with friends or others on Xbox Live. Also a newly re-made avatar store will also be available with the avatar app. Like with backwards compatibility all of the the avatar accessories will also be available in the new Xbox experience.

This is only the surface, for those who already has an Xbox One enjoy the new expeirnce for those who want to try it, upgrade to the current generation or any little accessories go to Amazon Xbox Page.