Xbox One Elite Controller break down

It is no secret that Microsoft’s new Elite controller is on its way to becoming a very popular add on for just $150, but what is it about the new controller that is making it so appealing to a lot of the Xbox gaming community? Here well talk about the already known features and some of the lesser known features to come with the new controller when it release later this fall.

First the main feature is the new construction of the controller and how it is an improvement on the current controller on how long it will last for your average gamer. The Elite features a new metal internal construction to help increase the the life span of the device so it will still remain in almost perfect condition for the life of the xbox one project life span, many of use will one day need to replace a worn controller and for many reasons especially the hardcore gamers including professional gamers who for obvious reasons will have to replace their controller it more often then others. Also This controller will have some new added weight to it since a lot more of the inter parts are metal and the new controller will also boast magnates to ensure a secure hold on the pads, stick, and D-pads.

One of the major new features of the upcoming is the app and the customization of the controllers software along with it removable outer features. When you first unbox the controller you will see a new all black and grey finish you will also notice a small mold at the base of the package that that holds the four new pads and the two sets of replacement thumbsticks, and two replace able D-pads. All of the mentioned accessories will all be interchangeable with at least a dozen different combinations to fit your play style and game. One example could be someone in who plays Halo when you are sniping and need more area for shots you would use a longer stick to give you what you are missing were as on the other hand you would be better off using the shorter thumbsticks for racing and driving games to make tighter turns and not bleed as much speed. As for the triggers the controller comes with the ability to modify the sensitivity of each trigger pull of the controller.

Beside being able to modify the out side owners of the elite will also be able to customize their controllers to unique profiles thanks to an app that will be available with the controller. The controller will also be able to save two profiles on the controllers so owners will be able to switch between profiles on the fly during a match or single player modes regardless of the game.

Pre-order the Xbox One Elite Controller on Amazon now with the added bones of the wireless computer connection device to release in November with the New Xbox One Chat pad also out in November.