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Today we have a new Xbox news information explanation. The headlines of today are Gears of war 4 beta news. Gears of War 4 finisher trailer. Also a new trailer for a new expansion of the Dinosaur adventurer shooter called ARK. Also a new strange game that is almost to strange even for Xbox called simple “140”. Also our favorite host of This week on Xbox talk about cool stuff coming to Xbox like Mirrors Edge, some news on what Xbox has in planned for this year PAX gaming convention. Lastly we get a look at the next Mafia game that will take place in a post Vietnam war America.

Lets kick thing off with The Gears of War 4 trailer released the same day as This week on Xbox only a few hours apart. This trailer is a full game play trailer showing off all the executions that are in game and available day one. The execution have somehow manged to get even nastier than from the previous three Gears of War titles released. The new executions are pretty cool but there are a few returning from the previous titles too. One example of a classic is the bayonet charge and lift upon impact with a solid enemy. The second is the volt cover kick and then melee to finish off. However some of the old executions can be combined with the new ability to use a giant knife to either the face or chest and showing your enemy facing you down their own insides, either brain and skull done or chest, heart and bones. The Knife attack does not only work as a frontal attack but also can be used when the enemy has and keeps their back towards you. One of the most brutal mew moves is with a new weapon of Gear 4 and allows the player to pick up the head and shoot it off the body it came from. If this is too violent for some the developers have announced the ability to turn off the gorier parts of the game some can not handle. Also announced via This Week on Xbox is Microsoft’s newest contest giving away free gear.

Next bit of info we are bringing you is the latest of Mirrors Edge. The closed beta for the Mirror edge is available to the luck few who signed up early enough for a chance to play a few early missions as well as the new challenge mode.

We also have some Halo news. The developers working on the next content update “Memories of Reach” announced on gamespot that they are adding the ability to set up your controller to play the new infection mode anyway you want.

More major news of this week is that Microsoft will stop making Xbox 360s and will sell off the remaining stock pile it currently has available. But will continue to support Xbox live and all titles via backwards compatibility.

The new ARK expansion coming to Xbox will feature some odd player made content. Full detail about how it will work with the environment that exists now is an unknown. However it is known there is going to be more space to explore.

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