Xbox news This Week

Today we have the newest episode of This week on Xbox provided by the official Xbox channel on YouTube and the full version is on Major Nelson’s official Xbox Blog Xbox wire. On this weeks Xbox news was dominated by news for the newest exclusive Xbox games Quantum Break, the Halo 5 update, Forza content release and also Gears of War news and some other announcements that came out part of this episode of this week on Xbox.

Quantum Break has finally released on Xbox one and PC via Windows 10 as part of the universal platform concept Microsoft is pushing. Quantum Break is the long awaited Xbox exclusive promised a few years ago at E3. Quantum Break is a game that revolves around a failed experiment that gives the main protagonist the power to control time. Everything from rewinding time to speeding it up to even stopping it completely. The options with this power is somewhat unlimited time manipulating power. However the enemies you will fight have similar technology that allows them to move through time when you freeze it. The game is broken up into 5 acts and each act will keep you guessing until the end.

Beside Quantum Break we have great DLC news with new Star Wars Battlefront releases as well as new content for Forza, minecraft new episode, and the really well covered Halo 5 Ghost of Meridian free content update. The new release for Star Wars Battlefront is called the outer rim. This DLC is full of new locations and playable characters. One such hero is Greedo and now with his addition to the game as well as inclusion of the Jabba hut palace. Also an added bonus of this DLC is now players can deiced for themselves who shot first in the Episode 4 under the table due in the Bar. In forza news we have a few new cars joining the mix. Cars that span a few different model years but also how powerful they are. The cars also include a new rolls Royce model that is powerful enough to carry you to the finish but still beautifully designed like all real models of the vehicle. Minecraft has a new episode were an old villian makes his return as well as one hero

Now release dates. Gear of War 4 from coalition the new kid on the block with a lot of the old Gears developers coming back to make Gears of War 4 feel like the old classic gears games. The official release date will be This October. Expect a official date from the Microsoft press briefing at this years E3 in June.

This week on Xbox has tons of great news as well as tons of information on everything coming to Xbox. For the full guide of Xbox information. This new reports shows that Xbox and the entire Microsoft brand is going to have a great year especially with Windows 10 getting a major new update to the soon to be year old Windows Universal operating system.

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