Xbox News and Rumors

With a little less than a month it will be the biggest gaming event of the year. Ahead of E3 Microsoft is making big news as well as big rumors like a new Xbox that is “More Powerful” than the PlayStation 4.5 aka the NEO. Also, we have Xbox gaming news that looks at the Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer released a few days ago as well as a shocking announced from the Mountain dew camp dropping their endorsement of the Call of Duty series for Titanfall 2.

Let’s talk about the biggest shocker of the day. Mountain Dew has for recent memory supported the Call of Duty series. So why the Switch from Call of Duty to Titanfall, take a look at the Call of Duty official YouTube Channel. As of right now Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the second most disliked YouTube video in the history. Titanfall 2 from EA’s respawn studio may not a 100% like to dislike ratio, but is way ahead of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. The fact that now the Call of Duty series has lost one of the biggest endorsements is not something to take lightly. To be perfectly honest this year regardless of how well Infinite Warfare sells it will be the end of Futurist warfare in the Call of Duty titles near future.

Now for Ghost Recon. Ubisoft is making a huge move in the release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. As some may remember Ghost Recon Future Soldier was set in a distant future with active camo as the most high-tech feature in the game. This time around Ghost Recons Story and gameplay is more realistic than the failure that was Future Soldier. Wildlands setting is in South America with the Ghost Focused on taking down a powerful drug organization. The gear you have in the game is semi-futuristic with mini-drones and some other smart gear. Ghost recon will be more low tech than The Advanced Warfighter series and Future soldier but with the low tech, we get vehicles. The vehicles are Ground vehicle Buggy, ATV, dirt motorcycles, and maybe some local and heavier military vehicles like APC and maybe troop transports. Also well have helicopters and small fast attack raid bouts for the swaps that players will have to navigate.

So now the newest rumors of a new version of the Xbox One more powerful than PlayStation 4 or 4.5 “NEO”. This Xbox One is supposed to be according to reports from sites like “Polygon” have stated that the “New” Xbox one will be released in two models. The first of the rumored models will be called Xbox one Slim. According to game radar, the Slim model will be the power boosted version of the Xbox one with a faster hard drive either a Hybrid drive or SSD drive. The other model to release in 2017 will be around the same size as the Slim but more powerful and built in VR support. The reason these rumors are hard to believe is because Xbox head Phil Spencer has been quoted as saying “There is no Xbox 1.5 in development”. The future of Xbox is really in limbo since for the first three straight years of the current console generation PlayStation out sold the Xbox one in every market.

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