Gaming News

We have of a ton of news out of our gaming community. The mass dislike of Call of Duty, how realistic Battlefield 1 trailer is, Homefront Story trailer, Tokyo Game Show information about Sony’s Mid generation PlayStation and Nintendo’s next console to release later next year or sometime in the fall maybe for be releasing next year sometime in the spring. Also a surprising rumor about a possible call of duty modern warfare trilogy collector edition for the last generation of console and current generation PCs.

So lets talk mid generation console other wise known as the Nintendo new console and the PlayStation 4.5 also called the PlayStation Neo. This years Tokyo game show will feature both the PlayStation Neo or PlayStation 4.5 and Nintendo NX. We’ve talked about the PlayStation neo in the past and how it is over powered when compared to both the current PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and leave the WiiU so far behind it does not really count as a competitor. The PlayStation Neo will most likely be official shown off at E3 this year and fully functional for hands on public play at the Tokyo game show later this summer in to the fall. However the Nintendo NX has almost no information on it other than a few questionable images of so called early concept designs. Based on a few images the controller will be glass with light up touch sensitive buttons. Expect more on this in the coming days as we get ready for the biggest day in gaming E3 in June.

A few days ago a member of the YouTube streaming community posted a video questioning the Battlefield 1 trailer. The YouTube streamer opens the discussion with an question about how we the gaming community should take the new and amazing looking trailer with a spoon full of salt. The major reason he stated were because the actual graphic look “too good to be true” what does this statement mean? Well since the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer was in fact a gameplay trailer most likely caught on a PlayStation 4. The Battlefield 1 trailer if it checks out is more like a PC run trailer with polished cut-scene. However not to bash on EA but they have done this in the past with three of the worst over hyped games being Medal of Honor Warfighter, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield hardlines. But the trailer is good to look at but does raise some questions on what the trailer and little gameplay what. The best idea is to take a bit of salt with the trailer because EA notorious for buggy game play and servers.

The new story trailer for Homefront the Revolution has released and with it we get to see the new main villain/ mayor of Philly is the head of the KPA in the city and acts as a figure head. Also we get more about how the Koreans were able to take over so much in so little time.

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