Xbox News

This week has been a week that saw announcements no one expected. This week also saw the release of the second Down loadable content pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 as well as a content update for Black ops 3. The official launch trailer for Doom has also released. This past week on Xbox also saw the release of trailers for call of duty and Battlefield 1. So much news and so little time.

Lets start with Doom. Doom the long standing reboot is well on its way to a full reboot success with this installment. The new launch trailer is really more of a game play trailer that has little to do with the story but more about the actual blood and gore fest with unorganized enemy masses.

Also announced yesterday was a new Lego Star Wars. The full title is called Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens

We have some new news from the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare camp. Due to mass dissatisfaction with the Infinite Warfare Activision and Infinity Ward are planning to remake at least ten original map from the Modern Warfare series. We aren’t sure if this will make much of a difference but you never know. Infinite Warfare maybe the last futurist shooter or even modern shooter due to the majority of the Call of Duty fan base wanting to go back to the series roots as a World War 2 style Shooter.

Battlefield 1 has all three edition of the game available for pre order. The Three editions are the normal, a second edition yet to be named and a third collectors with a statue and and a few other things like some playing cards as well.

Also the official date for The Microsoft Xbox press briefing was announced to be June 13, and will be available for live stream on Xbox Live,, and Spike TV. We are expect big thing from Microsoft this year especially since both Sony and Nintendo have made plans for new console public. Also they maybe more news in regards to the Windows 10 anniversary due out July 29 however it may release on Xbox after that release date. Also In this week on Xbox Larry talks about all things about E3 and what to expect. Even going as far as to say Expect unannounced titles to be officially announced at this years E3. This is going to be huge E3 news and we have very high hopes not only for Microsoft but all company going to E3.

The new Fallout 4 Expansion got a new trailer out his week as well. The new content is full of new places new story, new monsters. Far Harbor as it is being called. This DLC will require all of your full upgraded skills and abilities.

So far with a few questionable exception as well as a lack of detail to any E3 surprises. The Xbox brand is in a better place than last year.

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