Releases and Announcments

Today we bring you a look at more Xbox news. News like information on trailers, a look back on the week for Xbox and a brief look at what news came out with the This Week on Xbox. Also the top headlines coming from the Call of Duty camp and the Battlefield camp. While some of these titles are not exclusive they will preform well on Xbox. Also this week is the most recent rumors regarding a second generation Xbox One called the “Xbox One Elite”.

Lets kick things off with the two biggest announcements made this week Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, and The Battlefield 1 game.

The newest announcement Battlefield 1 is a hundred years behind modern Warfare. The First world war will be the setting for this new First person shooter from Electronic Arts. The Game based on the trailer looks very well made but looks can also be not what they seem. Not to play down Battlefield 1 but EA and DICE can make pretty trailer but games that come up short like Medal of Honor Warfighter, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardlines, and Star Wars Battlefronts mixed reviews. However Battlefield 1 maybe the first ever EA game to out sell Call of Duty due to the fresh setting presented in World War 1.

On the other hand we have Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Lets tell the truth The graphics look dated, and the future theme has been played to death. The only real thing that the game offers is the fact that you have a Jet that goes into space from the plants atmosphere, and a Ship like safe house like Black ops 3. Also to be perfectly honest the only reason Call of Duty may sell well is because the game will be releasing with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare may not even out sell EA’s Battlefield this year simple due to the fact people are tired of the futuristic setting Call of Duty has taken. This year activation is facing an uphill battle thanks to the massive wave of negative reception that Infinite Warfare has gotten after less than a week of its announcement.

Another announcement from this week was a new Lego Star Wars game called Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens the New Adventures. The trailer was first released on the official Xbox YouTube page. The New lego Star Wars expands on the newer parts of the mainstream story of the Star Wars Universe.

Next the Overwatch Beta is open to all and in full swing. In the beta you will be given the ability to play as anyone of the heroes or villains in game. It is heavily implied that players play until the games bugs are found.

Also releasing is the new Call of Duty Black ops 3 Content update bring 4 new weapons and more skins, sight, taunts and more. All of this was made available on May the 6th. Like always season pass holders get more perks.

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