Xbox new March Update

Xbox owners rejoice because the March system update has entered preview beta and will soon be available to the public. The new update will release with a total 13 brand new features for both the Xbox One beta app for the Windows Universal and the Xbox one console. The major things coming to the March update are things like Purchasing Xbox 360 games and earning Xbox 360 Achievements and support of Window Xbox app for 16 person party chat. All the information we are bring is from the official Xbox Wire page and demo from the official Xbox Channel.

Lets kick things off with the social portion of the update For both Xbox console and app also available in beta. The first thing is now the windows app will now in beta at least support 16 person party chat. This feature is one added from more the developer aspect. Also twitch stream will now extend to the whole party if one player is creating a stream event of the gameplay and will include all vocal input of all members of the party. Anyone that does not want to be apart of the twitch event can and have the options on removing themselves if they do not what to be a part of the stream. Also the new update now tracks Xbox 360 game achievements for all backwards compatibly games already available.

Now for the gaming portion of the update. The March 2016 update will feature even more access to Xbox 360 titles but also the downloadable content. The official Xbox wire website says that the update will “Fans have spent more than 30 million hours playing Xbox 360 games on Xbox One and so it’s natural that being able to purchase Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on Xbox One ranks as one of your top requests. With this update, you’ll be able to do so! Find and purchase Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games the same way you would Xbox One titles and, once purchased, Xbox 360 Backward Compatible content will automatically download to your Xbox One and be ready to play!” this new feature will also extend to the Xbox pc beta app in a later update. In addition to this it was also announced that Xbox 360 games with gold and downloadable content will also be available for purchase if not already owned. It is expected that the full Xbox 360 library will be on the Xbox before the release of Microsoft next console if it chooses not to replace the physical Xbox console with a virtual Xbox that to the efforts of the Universal Windows 10.

The March update will be the biggest of the new year so far. This update will also be the first since the new experience launch in November to feature updates that effect both gaming on the console and the Xbox app on PC. This update however may not be the largest that will release this year. But regardless of the size what matters is the content and the only way to get what you want is by making your voice heard.

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