Xbox 360 features coming to Xbox One

Since its release the Xbox One has struggled to live up to last generation of consoles like the Xbox 360. However at the press announcement and later E3 of 2013 and its release in November of the Xbox One, it became clear that all of the thing that made the Xbox 360 would be totally and completely scrapped in favor for building a totally new and unasked for by the gaming community an the Xbox fan community. Only recently Microsoft and the Xbox hardware developers have been listening and now a lot of feature from the Xbox 360 are finding there way to the Xbox One. One example of a new feature coming to the One from the 360 is the ability. The new ability will joining the party update is called “See who’s in the Party” like it says in the name this new ability will know allow you to see who is in a party before joining.

But why is this so requested ? Why does it matter ? well the answer is simple to avoid unnecessary disruptions in game. Lets face it we all have or know of someone on either Xbox live or PlayStation Network or even steam that we want nothing to due with for a lot of reasons. The See who’s in the part feature allows us to look before we jump into a party to avoid that weird contact with another person. Also lets say a friend has invited you to a match in Call of Duty or Halo but you are unsure if there is that one person you know will put in almost no effort to helping you and your team and you know that it will be a long night with playing with that one person now that can be avoided with this new feature. However this system is buggy still and will be available to the preview program member before anyone else.

Now Microsoft and Xbox has learned a lot in the two years after the Xbox Ones release. It is no secret that Microsoft has already started development of the successor of the Xbox One, the new question is “Will Microsoft learn from its mistakes and bring over features from both the Xbox One and 360 that Xbox fans love?”. As week look to what the future of gaming is becoming we also have to look at what made the Xbox 360 operating system that really was a sort of all in one Operating system that drew people to the console in the first time it released to because of it ease of use but still was a better quality than the PlayStation 2 and Xbox original. The Xbox team needs to take a long and hard look at what they want to making the console into versus what the people who are buying the console want to see, why can’t it be both build a console that has what every one want in a gaming console.

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