What Will be the Next Call of Duty

The new year was opened with a tweet from infinity ward that light up the internet with speculation on what the Next Call of Duty that will follow Black ops 3. A lot of the rumor have been calling the next Call of Duty title “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4”, while there was really no official word from either Activation or Infinity Ward saying that Modern Warfare three would be the last entry to the series so it is not totally unbelievable that a fourth entry to the modern warfare series could really exist. While on the other hand Infinity Ward still has the squeal to Call of Duty Ghost which to be honest is the most likely to release to fulfill Activation “New Call of Duty every year” promise it vowed when it worked with Microsoft and Xbox.

This years Call of Duty will most likely be “Call of Duty Ghost 2”. One reason that the next Call of Duty is most likely going to be called ghost well because the answer is very simple, Call of Duty Ghost left the game hanging and the very end of the last mission. Spoiler ahead for those for what ever reason have not played Call of Duty Ghost or have not finished. Call pf Duty Ghost one left off after the American victory over the new South American Superpower called the “Federation” after taking control over an orbital strike platform and totally destroy both ground and naval forces leaving US troops with Total victory. The second half of the ending is after the two brothers Hesh and Logan think they kill The leader of the Federation force known as Rorke who later turns out to still be alive and kidnaps the younger of the two brothers to go through the same mind numbing torture that he went through so he can become a “Ghost Killer”. Also the gameplay and lighting was huge since Ghost lead the charge on to the New Generation in 2013.

Now because there is a small possibility and since neither Activation or Infinity Ward confirmed it there could possibly be a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4.One reason is because after Modern Warfare 3 Infinity Ward had a decedent for the game the with price killing the Bad guy and smoking like nothing happened. But the thing is Modern Warfare 3 took place during world war 3 in game and while the main story was focused on tracking down the man who caused the war there was a lot of story to explore. So because the game tells a small portion of the events that happened during the main story if a Modern Warfare 4 were to take place it makes sense to assume that it will take place during the same conflict but with different characters, follow a similar story. Or the other possibility is that the game could be completely different and be the squeal to the first Modern Warfare trilogy. But whatever is in store we will just have to wait until Inifinty ward is ready to show off its next big Call of Duty.

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