What is the real future of gaming ?

Here on gaming cops we have talked a lot about the future of gaming in order to try and clear up what we know to be fact from what is fiction. However we have never tried to put all the gaming innovations and advances to build a clear vision of what we believe the future of gaming as a whole will become. What role do consoles have in the future? is there even a future for console gaming? is Virtual reality going to be as big a thing? is mobile technology like Smart phones going to evolve to a level that high performance game like call of duty and battlefield release with full support for story modes and multiplayer modes without a lot of strain on device.

The future of consoles is up in the as all three factions Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all begin spend hundreds of millions of dollars in to research and development of the next generation of consoles. However what will replace the generation of consoles that are currently in development like the next Xbox, what most likely will be the PlayStation 5 or whatever it will be called. The feature that are coming to both the Xbox and PlayStation in the future features like Virtual Reality/ hologram lends, a system that is like the Xbox Kinect may not be totally abandoned but made into a more interactive system. The future will probably feature a smarter console with more powerful processors and even more storage. But one thing that may also come to the next future consoles are the option to upgrade the device to keep up with an ever more powerful chips, cards, storage, power and cooling ability found in high end gaming PCs.

But there existence a strong possibility is the console will becoming to an end due to the possibility of being out performed by more and more powerful rival platforms like PC and and increasing competition from smart phones. Consoles will be fight to existence beyond the next generation for many reasons, like the gap between generations that spans 7 years before a “major hardware update. While on the other hand PC can be updated and upgraded as soon as anything better releases so a graphic card used in a pc today can be replaced as soon as something more powerful releases. The fact that PCs can be upgraded with little restriction makes them a huge threat to consoles, also the explanation of so called “Universal” applications and digital titles that both Microsoft and Sony are using in there respective console make a physical console almost due to accessing and stream console content to PCs Macs, and even Smart Phones.

Now lets take of Virtual Reality, holograms, and motion sensors. Virtual Reality and holograms are not the same thing. Virtual Reality is a devices that makes everything in the virtual world like in game environments seem as if they are right in front of the person using the devices. Holograms use a totally different system, holograms are from the hololend system Microsoft is developer show what exists in the virtual world but seems and is usable in the physical world. The way that both of these systems will be part of the future of gaming will be that they will bring the world of the game a lot closer to reality. However hologram system is not really for gaming due to the fact that it allows for the real world to be see through the other side of the lends. However adding them does change things by bring play on the go to being able to play while illiterately going out in the street with holograms and still being safe. Motion sensor technology will also be a part of the future but expect them to work a lot better than the kinect that is available now and the older PlayStation system.

The future of gaming is evolving and while some of the things we touched on today are the current trends that the major developers are making public and these are the most realistic trajectory.

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