Ubisoft Fall 2016 release ?

So hot on the heels of Ubisofts decision to “Reboot” the Assassin’s Creed series by pushing back the next installment of the series to the fall of 2017. So what will replace Assassin’s Creed Empire you maybe wondering?, well most likely nothing however their are some rumors that Ubisoft has been hinting at since the news about Assassin’s Creed. Well the first and most likely to release this fall maybe Ghost Recon Wild lands or possible Watch Dogs, either one will be taking Assassin’s Creed spot this year.

First the gorilla in the room Watch Dogs 2. Watch Dogs 2 maybe the less likely to release for the fall due to the fact that the original was not as good as people wanted it to be. The game look better in the early E3 trailers that released and well when the full game released it felt less polished, repetitive and really feeling like it was trying to be something it was not. But moving away from the past, the little facts that we do know is that the game will not take place in Chicago but maybe a west coast city like San Francisco or LA. Also we expect to see the same phone hacking abilities like the first game with minor upgrades compared to the Watch Dogs 1. The story may also go around what happened to the main character sister and Nephew who fled Chicago in fear for their lives after the events of the main game. Hopefully this time around Watch Dogs if it does replace Assassin’s Creed is better this time around.

On the other hand we have Ghost Recon Wild Lands. This entry to the Ghost series will not be taken further into the future like the failure that was Ghost Recon Future Soldier. This Ghost Recon will be set in more contemporary times like 2016 or 17. We have mentioned in the past articles that the story in Wild Lands will follow a US Army Ghost Recon into the rugged out door environment that is the country of Bolivia. This time around the Ghosts are hunting drug lord who are trying to pursue power over the countries people by growing to a point of power so great that the US government has deiced enough was enough and the US has to do something. The land is a hundred percent open to everywhere in every direction is exportable like like the open worlds in Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry. A wide range of Vehicles are also accessible to the players land rovers, Helicopters, boats, and so on. Weapons will not be anything top of the line expect ACR’s, maybe the some of the Armies experimental weapons like the LSAT, and expect a lot of old school AK-47. Ghost Recon Wild lands is the most likely of the two to release because the developers have said it has been in development since Future Soldier.

Since Watch Dogs is not available for pre order checkout Ghost Recon Wild Lands on Amazon. Also the dates are expected to change when more information is released.