VR tech coming

One of the first Virtual reality systems coming to the Market is and presented a stage demo presented by the companies CEO New York City based start up called Virtuix Omni. The system that this start up has is a Platform, walking shoes a rifle and a few other things that the site offers. The entire VR system that Virtuix will be mostly used for PC games that are connected with the system and it also displays gameplay on an optical devices. So far there have been demos that featured were Arma 3, Fallout 4, and Battlefield 4. So far the gaming industry has been slow to act in making games for Virtual Reality play due to the vast uncertainty of the technology and rapid development of the VR games may help this system or break it.

The Virtuix system is a VR system that is taken to a whole new level by making it as immersive as possible. The reason for this is because the entire system is built around a toy rifle, base pad, specially made sneakers, and a safety harness. The main system features the base. The base will connect fully to a gaming system most likely a PC, but also it connects to an oculus rift headset. The rift is the first Virtual Reality headset for one purpose and one purpose only and that is gaming unlike Microsoft hololens and Sony entire that is being rushed into production sooner or later. The second piece of gear that comes with this is the rifle. This tool styled like a real M4 assault rifle that the military uses but uses the technology that was used in the two other video game style rifles that the PlayStation 3 had and the Wii remote rifle mold. Also the rifle will be connected wireless to the Oculus head set. The last piece of important gear is the seated harness that will help owners keep their balance while in game and use of the product. The base system not including the other things like the Harness and the gear stand you are looking at over seven hundred dollars at least for all the gear, rifle, base, and harness.

The developers of the Omni now also has two new add on to the full system like a boom and and a better rack system. The rack the system is best because it allows for more gear to get put up on it for keeping the gear presentable. The rifle system can be rested on the stand along with any other gear such as the oculus rift headset. The boom as well is a nice little addition because it allows for a better organized space for. The last little addition are the spare pads for the shoes. The spares are a little larger than the ones that come already for the sneakers.

Of all the Virtual Reality products in development Omni is one of the most expensive, because the Omni still need a PC to run the games checkout the discounted gear on Amazon.