Truth about E3 Demos

A few weeks ago a Crytek Developer did an interview with a popular gaming news site. The topic of the interview was E3 and the gameplay demo and early trailers released before and at E3. The development studio is best known for its Crisis series being it top sell game first on PC and Mac and in a later version of the games released on both Xbox and PlayStation. The main focus of this in-depth interview is to tell gamers and fans to manage their expectations for games. This interview also has to do with the two announcement trailers that are the take of the internet Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1.

Let’s get into the meat of the discussion. It’s no secret developers put hundreds of hours into the games they developed. One example was Aliens. Aliens when it was first played at E3 it was huge, the trailer was new and shiny the gameplay example that raised the expectation of players to almost rarely ever seen levels. Then the game released. Aliens was the biggest disappointment in modern video game history. The game was buggy and the story had little to keep the player interested for long. Not only that but the polished graphic that shook the community were nowhere to be seen.

The example of just how bad a game can truly have also been seen with Ubisoft’s last two Assassin Creed entries as well as WatchDogs, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and the cancelled Rainbow Six Patriots. These other games were shown off with amazing looking gameplay videos and great graphics but eventually failed to deliver on their hype and promises. After months of delay for Ghost Recon we got a game with a similar story but the totally different gameplay and system mechanic. Everything promised in the First E3 demo of Future Soldier was replaced by something that left players with a bad taste after the release.

Now to the elephant in the room, this year’s Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. These two are hands down the two most talked about titles right now but really how well are they actually going to be. First is the Infinite warfare trailer. Now this trailer looks dated. Everything from the lighting to in games physics feels dated when you compare it to more recent examples found in Advanced Warfare, Black ops 3, to even Ghost. However, these do come from a quick put together announcement trailer a week after it accidentally announcement on the PlayStation Network Store. Battlefield 1, on the other hand, is beautiful. Looks especially on the DICE and Battlefield history has always been a bit of a letdown.

Even though some of the E3 trailers are sorta kinda lies because in reality the games may or may not look like the final product. Now it can go either way being a better game than expected or go the way of Aliens and Watchdogs of making big promises and not delivering.

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