Halo livestream and more Update

Today we got to 343 sense of humor with the live stream event trailer. The trailer is a little classic game of wack a mole with the new Mark V Generation 1 Arcadia armor and the base version of the new Dynasty sets. Not only that but we also have some more information about the new Scorpion variant, Hannibal Mantis there upgraded weaponry that will help you dominate. We also have a new game mode called infection coming to Halo in Ghost of Meridian.

The thing that stands out the most about the trailer are the focus on gravity hammers and the player tries killing the other in a wack a mole style. The trailer Than goes off to one of the players going to a req station on the new Warzone map to get not one but two Gravity Hammers one is the infamous Tartus Gavel and the second is one of the other two variants of the hammer. The earlier trailer shows a small viable shock wave after the tank was used against the other red player that does more damage than the stand alone Gravity Hammer.

The Stream its self saw full use of the two new variants of the Hannibal vehicles. The first up of the new set is the Mantis walking tank that has two crazy upgrades. The new Mantis has an automatic direct energy weapon a long with a plasma missile launcher. The new Mantis is more powerful than the base version and other version that are already playable in game. The new variant of the Scorpion tank that also fire a main gun equipped with a directed energy weapon or rapid fire Gauss cannon this version of the tank out classes most of the other versions of the Halo 5 version of the tank.

Next we have the weapon skins. The new skins really look good. The skins are colored white with blue lines and Blue UNSC symbol. The other weapons are the suppressors new color skin that also add a breath of fresh air to some of the weapons in game to make the overall experience better and more fun during use in game. The Live stream also shows off the powers of the other Gravity hammers. Each Hammer packs an even more powerful than the base model. The most powerful of the hammers being the Gravel that we said before. The other two do lack any power for themselves however.

The maps are going to be the biggest part of this update by far. The Maps will include two new maps, a completely destructible environment map, and player created maps from forge mode. The largest map is the one to release for Warzone. The other maps can all be explored into further detail via examination of the live stream.

And lastly released with this Live stream is a trailer for the new infection mode coming to Halo 5 multiplayer. This time the infected Spartans will glow green as the trailer drops this hint and they will be a lot hard to kill than before.

This update release later this week and do not forget to buy your copy of Halo 5 onAmazon