Tons of Gaming News

We have some great gaming news that has been releasing over the course of the past two days. First major headline to come out in the past 24 hours are the official announcement that there will be a new Sniper game Sniper 4 that will take the game to Italy during the time of the Benito Mussolini, Microsoft announced that the Fable legends developing studio would be closed and the game at least temporarily cancelled. Also some information of the Division season pass and content, and a few more thing we will cover like the official release date of the newest console multiplayer shooter OverWatch.

Lets kick things off with The Divisions season pass that will cost players around $40 plus tax. As of right now Ubisoft has announced there will be two new massive expansions with the season pass. The first is called “UnderGround”, underground will release a full month for Xbox one owners. The first expansion will have you going deep under ground into the destroyed subways and swears to find survivors and save them while hunting down what remains of your enemies trying to regroup under the city. The second expansion called survival is more of a Dark zone expansion as you and your squad battle to find more materials like food and water. The last expansion called “Last Stand”. Last stand will focus more on what the players can do to protect your base at all cost and be given access to more powerful gear. These expansions will release from June to December. However Ubisoft has two updates that add more gear and guns that will release in both April and May. That is all of year one in a nut shell expect the possibility of more content in a possible year two.

Second major piece of news is a bit sadder to Fable fans. Late Monday night Xbox and Microsoft executives announced that Lion head studios will be shutting its door permanently as Microsoft announced it was shutting down the studios operation. This however the most unfortunate part is the studios newest project Fable legends will be cancelled until Microsoft gets another studio to finish the game like what Happened to the first studio to develop halo wars in 2008. So for now Fable legends is a fable.

Now back to the better news. The Sniper series is set to release the series fourth installment later this year. Sniper 4 will take place after the last game in that players will go on to the next front of the second world war Sicily and Italy during the Allied push to finish off the Nazi war machine and destroy the rest of Germans allies. There will like be a few more add ons to anything pre release as well as a season pass to also release later this year with the full game.

Lastly we have Overwatch. Overwatch is a delayed for late developmental reason however the game is back now and an official release date as well as a list of platforms. The official release date is May 3rd and will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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