Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Developer Diary

Ghost Recon has been around for a long time especially with Ghost Recon online. Ghost Recon wildlands is the new console entire for the series. Wildlands is a massive open world that takes place in a south American country with the Ghosts soul mission to destroy a powerful drug cartel that the US government has deiced to take of quietly so they deployed a team of Ghosts. The main story however is still under wraps and the characters as well as well as the available upgrades and character options. However the main questions asked in this developer diary trailer is to address some of the previously mention questions as well as a few that answer how the game will work and just how massive this open world is compared to Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, and Far Cry.

The two developers go into a lot about what the community wants to know especially when it comes what they have planed for the massive open world. The Major theme of the game that was also first thing shown at the games announcement, and that is an experience that can be played anyway you the gamer see fit to complete your missions as you want to take them on. The world of wildlands will host different environments from flat deserts to rugged mountain peaks and heavily wooded forests and jungles with rivers and wild life unique to each area. the developers promise the game will not be a repeat of the mistake that was Ghost Recon Future Solider with its forced repetitive gameplay that made players repeat the same four steps of and over for every mission. Ambushes can be placed in and around mission zones, as well as hitting cartel checkpoint or even cartel soldier out in the field that come across you and your team in the open worlds unique environments.

Another piece of good news to come from this trailer is the confirmation that the gunsmith the feature that allows for total firearm customization is back. The scale of the weapons that will be available in game, not to mention the DLC weapons only available via purchase from the major retailers like Amazon, Wal Mart, and GameStop.

Now for the Vehicles. As you can expect from past trailer this time around not only will the ghosts have access to ground vehicles for the first time in series history but will now also have access to Boats, and Helicopters. In the past players and fans of the ghost recon series were able to control drones like the UAV and the mule ground drone plus support units in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter both 1 and 2 and the transforming drone that turned into a radio controlled car. The vehicle types rang from Special Forces Buggies, and dirt bikes to civilian truck, to Special Forces BlackHawks and special forces type boats for navigating the rain forest areas of the game. Also its good to mention that some of the vehicles may be able to receive upgrades and be customizable like the majority of things offered in the game are.

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