Games coming in 2017

While the new year of 2016 is getting into its second month, the gaming industry is already looking to the future and the next fiscal gaming year of 2017. So far Activation and Blizzard have officially announced that Destiny 2 will in fact be releasing next year following a few dozen hints and rumors, Also Ubisoft also made an official announcement today it will in fact not be releasing an Assassins Creed game this year but no replacement has been announced or any other news in regards to Ubisoft fall plans. Also EA has also dropped hints about a new Battlefield game to release around the same time as Titanfall 2 or the fall of 2017.

First lets get EAs news out of the way first. EA has announced that Titanfall 2 was already in the works and will be releasing in March. However the future of Battlefield is anyone’s guess, no one really knows where the game will be going whether it goes back to War with a decent story that follows a group of Marines or Soldier trying to save America from a new evil master mind. The second path the game could follow is as a sequel story to the Police story line that was found in Battlefield Hardlines. Also recent rumors also points to a revival of the Metal of Honor series but it is not clear whether it will go back to its World War two roots, stay in the modern warfare era with all things about the gaming being rooted on current day weapons and situation faced by America in today’s world, or if the game will go somewhere between near or distant future like Call of Duty has.

Today is also a big day for fans of Destiny because today it was announced that not only will there be a sequel but a major new expansion as well before the end of this year. Destiny 2 the news was released on a major forum for Destiny by one of the members that work on staff. The official announcement said “Activision Publishing, along with its partners at Bungie, expects to bring a large new expansion to Destiny in 2016 and to release a full game sequel in 2017.”. The expansion that was also announced as a project under development will be the last large scale expansion and will be the jumping point to which Destiny 2 will most likely start with. The expansion will most likely release between the spring and fall of this year were Destiny 2 will most likely release during the Holiday season of 2017.

Now on to Assassins Creed. It has been long rumored that this year will be the first year with no new Assassins Creed title. Today that was proven to be true. One of the head developers at the Quebec City Ubisoft studio announced on the official blog that due to “rethinking of the series” Assassins creed will be missing for a year or possible longer. However the staff member did not say whether or not Ubisoft would release a game this coming November. The chooses for a possible replacement are most likely a Watch dogs or Ghost Recon Wildlands. Wildlands is bar far the most likely to release in November simply due to the fact the game has been in development since Future Soldiers end and Ghost Recon Phantoms life from Alpha to full game. This is also just an assumption because Ubisoft has a few other games in development like “For Honor” and a secret new franchise expect to be announced at this years E3.

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