Titanfall 2 News

We have some huge news in regards to the next Titanfall game Titanfall 2 or whatever name the developers will give it. While the game has been in development for more than a year, and with the EA CEO coming out and giving a time frame for when to expect its release. Today however we are going to look at the newly announced single player story mode and look at the pros or cons to EA making the story totally separate from the multiplayer, and also be giving an update on a more narrowed release window also updated by EA late last week.

First let address the Story mode. Last time in Titanfalls story revolved around a struggle between a private military corporation trying to put down a militia faction fighting for the freedom of the people who left earth to settle on frontier planets. The struggle and overall out come always came down to the two teams of pilots of the giant fighting robots called titans. The out come of each match would always comedown to which of the two teams used team work to the best most overall strategy came out on top. However according to sources that clams to be the lead story writer for titanfall 2 states that the next entire will have a story that is ” A Combination of the American Revolution and the American Civil War.”, the developer here are combing to very defining moments in American History for just one game. The first Titanfall was around eight maps long for the story and followed it to the end.

The pros of making a game that is draws some of its plots from two wars that caused change in a country and bring it into a outer space type environment like Titanfall 2. The first positive about this if it is true would be the story would be several times larger than the original. Second the story will likely have many twists and turn not to mention many desperate battles. The rebel faction will be heavily out gunned. The corporation faction will likely be playing the part of slave masters while the militia is fight to liberate them and create something new and great in the process. The story may also have a new way of re creating the struggle of each conflict as well.

For the Cons. One con of remaking the story like this is that it may not stay true to the original story from the first game. A second is the wars both the revolution and the Civil War were to conflicts that brought everything that America could have been to the abyss of total destruction not to mention the moral reason for the wars startings. And finally in the fist game there was no real organized effort against the PMCs there was only a hand full of militia will to fight for even fewer worlds in the outer parts of the galaxy.

Either you look at the game and what it may become is your own views on the topic. As for the release date it is said to be sometime in March of 2017 for all platforms.

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