This Weeks Xbox News

Even the though it is Saturday we have some good news the new This week on Xbox is available now for streaming and has tons of awesome news. This week Larry talks about the massive Halo E-Sports event that is one of the most interactive event that allows either professional players or non professional players to get a chance to win a cash prize and bragging rights. The news also feature information on the Gears of War event, Plants versus Zombies two beta, Tom Clancy The Division news and more details on what is new to Xbox with Games with Gold free membership.

First up is the Division. As you may already know the Division is one of 2016 highly anticipated games due to its story, location, map size, open world, and multiplayer arena the Dark Zone. Now the major news from Ubisoft is that the division will be shipping on Xbox One with a One terabit bundle. This new Bundle will ship with the game pre downloaded for playing as soon as the console is set up. Also the console will release with the will be the regular basic Black colored controller with the new design configuration of a 3.5 headphone jack and also will come with a fourteen day Xbox Live gold membership subscription. The Division will release On March 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, also the season pass will be available before launch of the game and also checkout the other additions of the game.

Apart from The Division we also have Homefront Revolution. Homefront Revolution is the squeal to the first homefront that had american rebels fighting against a superpower Korea that is occupying the United States of America. While the Xbox wont be getting a bundle that we know of so far the game is available for pre order now and the games release date is in April.

The official beta to Plants vs Zombies is also available for this weekend. The Beta is maybe unfinished and buggy but is packing a ton of content. First a classic game mode like gardens and graveyards is also available with the new so called M class Zombie mech robots. Also the Zombies will be getting a dragon to help fight the Zombies. The Beta will only run for this weekend so take advantage of the beta now before Monday.

Now for the E Sport events that took place this week and will take place in the coming weeks and months. First up the Gears of War E sport event rapped up this week with one team of new players to the E sport arena taking the title after being down the first two rounds. The second major piece of Xbox news is the Halo Event. This week teams of four have the opportunity to qualify for the championships team of professionals will be competing for $30,000 for the overall winners. Also Larry points out anyone who want to go pro should watch the twitch feed and learn something from the pros and expect to see thw Elite controller being used for the first time in this gaming event.

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