This weeks on Xbox

This week on Xbox has a lot of big news for Xbox. This week Larry Talks about everything coming to Xbox this week and little things coming to Xbox and the rest of the Windows 10 compatible devices like PC’s. This week Larry talks about the two new Xbox One bundles Like the Rainbow Six Bundle and the pick your game Bundle also Tomb Raider news that will have both PC and Steam gamers interested as well as free games available with gold and other little bits of news of the week.

First the Bundles it is no secret that Microsoft is making some head way with the new Bundles it releases with the few games that are what the masses think are popular. The first of the two Bundles is the Rainbow Six Siege bundle. This bundle comes with a one terabit hybrid Hard drive for Extra storage, the bundle come with a digital copy of Siege as well as the two previous entries of the Rainbow Six series Rainbow Six Vegas one and two. The other bundle available is a five-hundred Gigabit hard drive is the pick your game bundle. This bundle comes with any one of four games like rare replay, forza, Gears of War Ultimate with backwards compatible Gear two and three as possible, and finally Tomb Raider. Both are available for purchase and play now. Also as a little bonus those who watch the prp gaming event on Xbox and January 10th will have the chance to win a Gear of War Ultimate Bundle for free.

Second up is the new for PC gamers running Windows 10 and playing on the Xbox app via computer and also games on the new Windows store. So an January 28 Tomb Raider will be available for play on both Steam and the Windows Store and those who purchase Tomb Raider will also have full 4K resolution right after the purchase. Also VHO tech from the new partner ship with NVIDA.

Ark is the new combination of a modern / Dinosaur survival adventure is also available as a beta for preview member’s. The beta will have a lot of the game available for player. Also join tons weeks beta list is Garden Warfare two. Garden Warfare is a world that the Zombies have taken over the world and the Plants are know back for vengeance and will be trying to take the planet back from its new un-dead masters that wrested control away from the Plants in the last version of the game.

The new content coming back to Xbox is on a massive overhaul to bring the Xbox one to finish the current generation in a stronger second place than its current stand that has improved since the consoles release two years ago. Also the Xbox development team is working a lot harder to make the Xbox App work better on Windows ten as well.

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