This Week on Xbox

So with Microsoft and Xbox starting the Black Friday digital sale early this year. As some who own Xbox’s may already know the This Week is a weekly news letter of sorts that gets released. At the top of the list is the biggest news down to the most current releases. The Host is Major Nelson other wise known by the Xbox community as the man that is sort of like the Xbox divisions media and news letter guy. The major thing about this episode is that is the first since the new experience has released that combines Windows 10 PC to the Xbox One Operating system.

The first major piece of news is about the Halo Championship. The Halo Championship is an inter national contest that span from America and Canada, Europe, some middle eastern and African countries the greater Asia area. The Halo dominating the event will be the newly released Halo 5 Guardians and will have a few types of game modes that players will be competing against each other in an all hold team versus team battle. There is a cash price for the winners and team making for the event begin December 7th.

The second news update regards the Windows 10 Xbox app on the PC. As all those who already have played Xbox via PC live stream Xbox games to any device running the newest windows OS. The app allows Xbox One owners to stream their Xbox One games to played on either the PC, or Surface device that windows 10 is operating on. Xbox 360 because of backwards compatibility may also work due if they are apart of the first wave of titles released with the new concept that is bring the largest gaming library to any console in gaming history. Also with the help of a headset and microphone will allow you to record your own voice for use on the Xbox App, this will make it easier for anyone who want to record game clips with your own voice.

Now on to the best part of the news announced by Major. The gaming section of the report is full of stuff and tips pertaining to the newly released Star Wars Battlefront from EA gaming studios and Halo 5 newest update. First up is the Halo Guardians update. This update is full of new stuff such as maps legendary Packs, Shinobi armor pack, and new larger maps. The armor is inspired by the old ninja design of clothing that game the wearer stealth, however unlike in real life the only thing that the armor does is look cool to those who unlock it first. Second is the legendary pack that will give more of the infamous halo legendary weapons to those who unlock them early. Finally a lot of the base maps released with Halo 5 pre update are now bigger allowing for vehicles combat on a larger scale.

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