The Xbox One Elite Controller Break down.

Microsoft and Xbox created a master piece of a gaming controller designed with in-put from professional gamers the Elite is heavier and more durable than the original Xbox one controller will ever hope to be. The only down side to the massive controller that is also perfect is the fact that it costs $150 plus tax, shipping and handling. The new controller features tons of goodies, however if you have not pre ordered or ordered yours in time you will have to wait a while because the vast amount of publicity on it capabilities behind this little marvel has exceeded Microsoft stock pile and is currently unavailable through their main selling website but you will have more luck buying this controller or at least be able to get alerts to when the controller is in stock.

The first thing that stands out about the this controller beside the price tag is its weight. The Xbox One Elite controller weighs in at 348g this is massive where as the PlayStation 4 Dual shock and the Xbox One original design are much lighter, the case of the weight is the re designed mostly metal internal design. The reason behind the extra heft is to allow the controller to survive falls and be able to outlast the use and abuse that constant use comes with hardcore gaming. Another cause for the weight are the heavy duty magnets that will acts as anchors for the removable thumb sticks and removable D pad. Also the metal inside the controller has locking mechanisms in order to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the trigger action.

The new controller also comes with the highly discussed customization app that was made public a few weeks after the new experience launched and the Elite controllers launch earlier in the month of November. The app can be used to customize the slandered controller but works best with the Elite. The first reason is because the elite was design to be customizable everything from how the controller was meant to work. The Elite has a selector switch that allows player to switch between two saved settings that are auto uploaded to the controller on bored memory. There is only space to two profiles so if you have a profile for halo one for driving and the other for snipe it will be better suited to those than something like Need for Speed. The options for this app with the controller are also limitless but do not expect to get the same PC level accuracy out the controller.

The Elite controller is hands down one of the best controllers out there because of all the little things that come with it not just on the inside but also the outside. The controller is able to have it thumb sticks replaced with a set of one of the three options available, chances are there will be some third party developers also making stuff for the controller to help the game get more out the device.

The Elite Controller is available for back order on Amazon