The Division

The Division is Ubisofts next massive open world game will not be taking place in the distant past were two covert factions Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry series. The Division was also the subject of a podcast interview with some of its developers and they let loose some of the best and previously unknown. The things we learned from this interview will give people waiting for the Division one more reason to love this game. The things covered in the interview are how the leveling system will work, how the weapon damage system will work along with or attack other agents of the Division.

First lets talk levels. The Divisions agents are all capable of reaching higher and higher levels. The highest level that the developer being interviewed went into detail about about the ” Highest” announced level and that is orange gear like guns grenades body armor and other things are the best gear to get. The weapons that are available at this level are much better in terms of damage control range and other firearm weapon stats. The down side to this is that if you are in the Dark zone where all the high powered gear is hidden and another group of agents kills you and takes your gear it is gone for good if they are at a level higher than you.

The weapons and gear are the second part of the interview. The weapons have fully inter changeable parts to however unique to a weapons systems and will allow the player to pick and choose what he or she says sees fit to belong on their weapons. Know the customization options will also boost up or lower the weapons damage ability. Now the gear body armor the body armor in the game is also based on level the higher you are the better the gear however weight is also taken into account and will take a tole on your stamina. The down side to this is that since Ubisoft is making this like a hybrid between and RPG, MMO to a small extent, and open world shoot means that both the Ai and other players will have access to the same high level gear so damage will take a while to kill some one with a orange level 5 protective vest. There is also some original tech coming to the game like smart mines that role to the targets behind cover, also drones capable of acting like its own hunter killer system that will make life somewhat easier.

So there are the two major announcement to come from the developers of the Division will have a ton of content that will be available to people in game. But lets be real for a second Watch Dogs was like this but than the game released and our expectations were destroyed. But the Division hopefully will succeed with a decent story and good multiplayer where watch dogs failed miserably.

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