The Division Review

The Division Ubisofts newest franchise but how good is it, is it really worth the cash and space on your favorite console.

So The Division is one of the very few games in gaming history that combines the play styles from tactical 3rd person shooters, MMO, and survival. Ubisoft has manged to do this in a very well balanced way with no one style being Superior to the others. The game in this sense provides an even balance of difficult with fun allowing players to rank up in the relative safety of the safe zone to until your skills can really be tested in the dangerous dark zone were you’ll be able to interact and in some cases fight other players while trying to survive against the other three Waring Ai factions that in habit the DarkZone. Also it is highly recommended that anyone going in to the dark zone is at least a level 15 due to the intense difficulty of the enemies that exist in the dark zone.

However on day of the games full release The Divisions shine began to dull a bit, reason you maybe wondering is because on day Te Division was reported as suffering a few devastating issue with the servers going down or even cycling between working and non work modes experienced by some players who began to play the second it released to early on March 10th with Ubisoft using some off time to repair the server issues.

The game from the ground up is well built. Beside the little bug with the server the actual in game feel of The Division is well built. The city is broken up into sections that surround the center of the city that is the Dark Zone. The levels of the enemies depends on the location Areas marked 3-4 are locations were the enemies are weakest, were on the other hand an area labeled 20-24 are were the bigger badder bosses live. These places are were you will meet the fiercest resistance out side of the Dark Zone.Due to the mini style boss fight we highly recommend that you go in to the game with friends that you work well with.

For the weapons, skills and ability they are really the most important part of the game not just because they keep the enemy outside of arms length but also the upgrade ability. The weapons will be common like AK assault rifles, and M4 with different versions of the weapons behaving in different ways. The other gear is just as important because as you increase your level and base you will need more protection and space to carry collectibles.

For now the game only has one real bug and that is the server issue. But the game is still worth a checkout due to the the other positives of gameplay and now The Division is available now for digital download physical copy as well as a digital pass that will cost an extra $40 plus tax at the time of purchase.

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