The Division a few days away.

Today is March the 6th and only two days away from the Division official release after an extensive wait and a lengthy beta, Ubisofts The Division is with in our grasps. The Division is Ubisofts first open world 3rd person shooter that feature a lot of gameplay features from traditional Role Playing Games (RPGs). The Division is going to feature a little piece of design and feel from other Ubisoft Franchises like the massive open world that incorporates most of New Yorks Manhattan Island something first tested out in Ubisofts Watch Dogs with the ability to explore the city of Chicago. The Division also features a squad and Ai mechanic similar to what is in the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon story and a story mode that has the desperate mission of saving the city like the Splinter Cell series.

The Division is Ubisoft first real combination of a third person shooter and an RPG. So due to this “balanced” relationship the game will focus on keeping players upgraded to stay competitive in the massive opened world that is New York City in game. A majority of the time will be spent fighting low level grunts in the street but anyone that has played the beta knows about the bosses at the end of some missions.

The game is full with mixes of grit, chaos, and a sad and depressing version of New York were everything that made the city great is gone and replaced with a sense of fear, dread hopelessness and dis pare. The environment of Manhattan is dirty, the streets are full of trashed emergency vehicles, burned out buildings, and dead bodies on the street. The developer went to great lengths to ensure that every street name and location was correct in determining were to put the safe zone, zones were players can interact with each other. The dark zone that occupy the other half of the map is just as well done perfectly it is a mix of creepy total abandonment of a once great city, home to possible enemy players and hostile Ai that is incredibly powerful to take on alone.

The leveling system is based on experience points gained from kill points. The only way players can get higher better rated gear is by getting more kills and higher levels. One example is with the Machine guns like the SAW and the M60 lmg both of these weapons are high level one trailer saying the M60 LMG is a powerful level 60 weapon were as the SAW is a little lower down. Protective gear also follows this rule the higher the level the more protection it offers. However there is a trade off the more protection the gear offers the heavier it is the more fatigue you put yourself under as time passes. Also the packs that allow you to hold more and more but this a trade off too because the added weight adds to the fatigue.

Pre order the division and Season pass now before the release on Tuesday viaAmazon.