The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division is only a few weeks from release, and today we get to look at the closed beta and the open beta. Both versions of the beta were well built and fun to play solo and with friends. Ubisoft has done an amazing job recreating New York Cities Manhattan Island after a devastating virus attack that killed thousands in a matter of a few days and brought the entire city to its knees. The beta from start to end does not even feel like an incomplete version of The Division thanks to Ubisofts dedication to making a high level beta.

The look and feel of the beta is something else. Yes when you first get into the game there is a small learning curb. If you are expecting The Division to play one of the other open world games Ubisoft has released such as the Assassins Creed series or the one game installment that is so far watch dogs. The Division draws on the experience of both series to create an open world that is just that open. The entire environment of the from the safe zone to the dangerous dark zone feels realistic. Ubisoft has to a small amount recreated every street, side street, land mark extra and throw it full force into the game.

The light of Division is on a whole different level. The lighting is an even mix of what counts for natural light inside the virtual world of the game, the fires at night add to the dark gritty feel of an abandoned and hopeless New York. The sun light is on a balanced day and night system that adds more realism to the game. The developers add a dynamic weather system that will switch between heavy snow or fog accumulation and the clear sun light of the day or pitch black night with only moon light. The atmosphere of the is just as dark with the light. It feels like everything in the game is made even darker by it. The game will because of the environment be a little more challenging due to the natural dimness of light that the developers worked into the game.

The best part about the Beta is it did not feel like a beta at all. The gameplay was polished to a point that the few bugs that some players report experiencing were few and far between. The coop ability were pretty simple for a game of this caliber. The Division will be a perfected game when it launches in March simply due to the impossibility that a flawed product will come from a super polished game like the division.

The Division is a game that promises a massive open world by Ubisoft. While not directly mentioned we assume a lot of the things that work in the divisions open world will be incorporated in future titles of The Division series as well as other popular series like the next Ghost Recon installment to release sometime in the near future, the next Watch Dogs, and the Assassins Creed reboot to release in the next year.

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