TC Endwar Online: Alpha

The sequel to the 2008 Tom Clancy Endwar, Endwar online has finally reached its Alpha testing stage. Endwar online is a new type of web browser based Real time strategy has a very refined gameplay mechanic that even in an Alpha stage of development still brings a very good gameplay experience. The game takes place ten years after the original games and with a war that ended in a draw between all three factions, and a major event that caused a economic melt down and a new struggle for the Factions to rebuild there decimated country’s. In the Alpha players have to choose from one of two factions either the Europeans or the Russians. Both have commanders with back stories and what unit type they are commanding. The game is has a very solid story and well designed gameplay to go with it even for an Alpha test . The test will rum till the began of the closed beta, and there is still time for players to register for the Alpha that went live today.