Syndicate Cinematic Trailer

The new Assassins Creed Syndicate Cinematic trailer is something that will have players talking about till the game releases. The trailer has the Grand Master Templar. The trailer show him running through the streets of London as Blades cut a path of destruction while trying not to kill civilians, not even a child. The Blades have a single target and it is the Grand Master of the London Templar’s.

One of the key points that the trailer is making is that The Grand Master has some serious physiological issues, this was briefly touched a upon in an older trailer with an interview with one of the head developers of the game. Now in this trailer we get and even greater look into this mans head. He clear feels that someone or something is after him even though he really is not to far from the truth.

Another thing that is important in this trailer is when the trailer goes back to the “normal world” you begin to see just how important the street gangs will play. In previous interviews and trailer Ubisoft talks a lot about how the twins need to wrestle control from the Templar’s not just from the factories but also on the streets where the people of London are suffering under their employers and the enforcers that the grand master is all too glad to provided in the form of street thugs and gangsters. Once the assassins particularly the brother Jacob who is the twin that spends the majority of the time taking the streets back and building the gang up in order to change the power structure pf the city of London.

The other major theme of this trailer is that the people of the city of London will have a huge role to play in it as well. The people that you the players will recruit into the gang the people who will be able to be used in some strategic ways that will allow you to hold down any street, ally, and even around the ports and factories. People depending on the types such as those who will be foot soldiers and other people who are not cut out for fight other thugs will be the ones who provide intelligence or even the people that you buy and sell the things you have or need. Syndicate will be the entries of the Assassins creed series that will have contact with civilians on a level higher than that from the previous games of the series.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate promises to be something never before experienced in the Assassins Creed series. Syndicate will definitely help shape the future of the series and it is anyone guess how the series will grow off the new feature that have been made public already and what will be reviled to us on the release date.

Assassins Creed Syndicate will release October 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre order now on from Amazon. Do notnforget the season pass and get access to all the DLC stories included such as the Jack the Ripper.