State of Decay Review

State of Decay a new Microsoft studio arcade exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC is now out on Xbox live. The game is a stealth/horror survival style game that’s takes place in a mid western town Trumbull Valley after a zombie virus outbreak. The main character Marcus Campbell’s goal is to lead his small group of survivors to an Army checkpoint out side of Trumbull Valley before the military seals it off. The game will have players silently moving around hordes of zombies to gather food, fuel, and other supplies to help the group escape to the north. This game has players sneaking through zombie infested forests, buildings and streets during the day and night, watching every step. The player needs to make sure they are able to save every bullet because you never know when you’ll find more. The atmosphere of the game is similar to dead rising in that it’s fun to kill zombies and who doesn’t want to drop kick a zombie in the face every now and then? Players can use everything as a weapons including large branches and other things found out in the forest. The open world in this game takes you to the forests and towns around as the player and the group he leads try to get to the military outpost before they can’t escape. This game is worth the $7 price tag that it is currently selling for on Xbox live. Also this game will be available on stream and Microsoft PC download in the fall.