Rainbow Six GSG-9

The new team adding to the list of Operators that make up the ranks of the Rainbow Six team is Germany’s Elite counter terrorism team the GSG-9. A little bit of History on this team for those that may not know who this unit is and why it is a part of the Rainbow six team. GSG-9 was formed in the wake of the Munich Olympics massacre, this event happened in the summer Olympics of 1972 and what happened was Palestinian terrorist took eleven of the Israeli athletes and one west German police officer hostage. After a break down between the police and the terrorist, the west German police stormed the building leading to the death of all the hostages and five of the eight terrorist died as well, and Here is were Germany came to the conclusion that it needed a unit dedicated to counter terrorism tactics thus GSG-9 was born.

Like the FBI team GSG-9 is more of a law enforcement unit than military but unlike the FBI GSG-9 has conducted counter terrorism mission to rescue German civilians around the world in a similar fashion as the United Kingdoms Special Air Service or better known by the nickname the SAS. The GSG-9 team has a lot of great gear that will make it somewhat easier to engage terrorist from the close quarters environment and tight spaces that you may encounter in game. For example one of the team mates enjoys deploying with a ballistic shield that carries mini flash bangs to stun enemies without causing damage to the one holding the shied or any team mate behind him. Another handy little device that GSG-9 has access to is a sort of mini trophy system that acts as an active kill system and it acts in a similar function to the Call of Duty Trophy system it is able to destroy incoming grenades with ease and allows you keeping the team behind cover safe and forces to enemies to attack you and your team on your terms which means you will control the battle space.

One thing that you notice right off the bat about this team is that majority of the gadgets in game are more defensive than other team like the French GIGN. Beside the shield with flash bangs and the active defense system that kills incoming grenades their is also a member that can put up a meta’ wall that can electrify wall, barbed wire to stun advancing enemies. However the only real semi attacker weapon on the team is a wrist gauntlet that allows you to see electronics that maybe giving the terrorist faction location away or even places where there maybe hidden explosives. However this is not the full list of weapons and gadgets that will be available in the final version of the game. So there maybe more opportunity for offensive equipment to be added to your arsenal for the GSG-9 faction of Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six Siege will release December 1st for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre order from Amazon get access to the gold weapons pack.