PS4 System Update

Sony’s very successful PlayStation 4 will soon be releasing its System update 3.0. There are a lot of new features upgrades and improvements that will be making it easier and more enjoy able for all owners of PlayStation 4 to stream what they want, play what they want and make gaming easier with other players. Even if you do not own the game your friend is playing.

First thing that will be a major part of 3.0 is the events calendar. The calendar will have everything automatically updated so PlayStation owners are reminded of events such as e-sporting events to major launches. All of these will be part of the new calendar app part of the PlayStation 4 system update.

Another part that of the update that is addressed in the trailer is the reason anyone has a PlayStation 4 the gaming part. First up is the new way that the PlayStation software team are improving the PlayStation plus by making it easier to navigate your way though all the games that will be available also you’ll now also be in full control of all the membership settings making the process to renew or cancel much easier. Also with this update Sony is introducing a new way to make a create or even join communities of gamers who share the same interests in games and play style similar to the Over dog app on the Xbox One.

The 3.0 update will also feature the ability to split up and organize friends from you friends list. For example with black ops 3 just around a the corner the new update allows owners to be able to put members of your clan from the clan list all together in the friends app so before any one starts playing multiplayer or even coop owners will have the ability to meet with out having to waste time going through personal friends lists, find and get everyone together to start the game. In addition to this the PlayStation 4 feature of share play or just watching a friend has be come much simpler to control, for those who do not know already the PlayStation has the ability to let people play games they do not own but a friend has this makes getting help a lot easier in so coop games. Sony has also made it easier to add game play clips to app like YouTube and Twitch, and now other social media out lets like twitter. Finally the last of the new updates to help navigate your and communicate with friends, groups, and community members and as a little extra feature Sony is also giving you the option of adding stickers you messages.

The new update will be available in the coming days however if you do not already have a PlayStation 4 buy one or pre order any one of the bundles due on latter this on Amazon

Also for the list of updates go to the PlayStation official website to find a fill list of Update 3.0 and how it will be improving your over all PlayStation experience.