PlayStation Exclusives 2016

To bring in the new we started out with the top three Xbox One exclusives coming this new year. Today we are going to look at the PlayStation exclusive that will be hitting store in later this year, the 2016 line up of the top three Exclusives are Uncharted 4 A thefts End, No Mans Sky that is a console exclusive, and Ratchet and Clank all of which will be releasing in the second half for the new year. We are also excluding Call of Duty limited time exclusive content due to the fact that content is released on a month earlier than on Xbox or PC.

First up is No Mans Sky. We here at gaming cop have been talking about No Mans Sky for a while and well the game is just that big a deal. The special thing about No Mans Sky is that the game will have all of its player starting at different locations in the games universe. We recently found out that the true scale of the universe will take around 5 billion years to fully explore. No this may just be the developers talking what they want to do like bring up the games “cool factor” but on the chance it is true good luck staying alive for that long and the sun is also expected to die in around 4.2 billion years according to science. The game will give players there own star ships like the X-wing from star wars, and players can choose to work together to create fleets of military power of even a group of space pirates whatever you choose to side with best of luck. No Mans Sky will release June of this Year on PlayStation 4.

Second up Ratchet and Clank. This old time PlayStation classic is back and is the game version of the movie also releasing later on in the new year. The game will take players back into time when Ratchet and Clank first meet like in the movie Ratchet is dreaming of become a ranger and those dreams are also playable in. The game looks like a more drawn out version of the movie but the game looks a lot better than other games based on movies. The released demo videos show how fluid and good that the game looks and how smooth it feels. Ratchet and Clack will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 this year April 12 around the same time as the movie.

Now the best for last Uncharted 4 a thefts end. What can we really say about what maybe the ending to one of the best adventure series on any of the consoles. Nathan Drake will possible be taking his last adventure in what maybe Naughty Dogs final entire to the series. The Uncharted Collection released in the fall of last year and was the HD Upgrade for the games moving on to PlayStation 4. Uncharted 4 a thefts end will be releasing on PlayStation 4 April 26 of this year.

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