Old School Mega Man Titles Hit Nintendo Virtual Console Every Thursday During Mega May

May is upon us, and it has no shortage of iconic holidays such as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Now, thanks to a genius partnership between Nintendo and Capcom, gamers can put down their bouquet of May Flowers and pick up their controllers in honor of a little something called MEGA MAY!

My vivid imagination conjures thoughts of Capcom Executives dressed in various Street Fighter attire contemplating their video game release strategy while sitting atop massive piles of cash in a Scrooge McDuck sized vault.

And thus they have collaborated with Nintendo to release all of the remaining Game Boy Mega Man titles on to the 3DS eShop. Called the Mega Man World titles in other countries, these portable titles offer interesting compilations of other classic Mega Man titles, but with a few twists, an example is in Mega Man III half of the Robot Masters are from Mega Man 3, where the other 4 are from 4; not to mention the Mega Man killer, Punk.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that these games are from the Game Boy, they offer a surprising amount of challenge and length, for which the Mega Man series is known for. So much so in fact, that Mega Man IV is known to have truly captured the feel of the classic series while changing how the following games played (Item shop anyone?) and how Mega Man V is all original content! No rehashed Robot Masters here! (Until the final area that is…)

Each week of May, starting from what has been released on the 1st, until the 29th, shall feature more games in chronological order. Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge, Mega Man II, Mega Man III, and Mega Man Xtreme, have all been released so far as of this writing.





While the titles released so far are quite good, the best is till yet to come, Mega Man IV redefined how other Mega Man titles should play, and Mega Man V is all awesome original content, and Xtreme 2 allows for playing as Zero! (That alone should get many X fans giddy)

Check back each Thursday for each new (old) title released!