Nintendo 2016 Exculsives

In the third place in the popular refereed to as the “Console Wars” is Nintendo. Now Nintendo and it’s Wii U have not been doing so well since the new generation of gaming console began a few years ago. The exclusive are not only limited to the Wii U but also the newest version of the Nintendo 3ds. The first of the 2016 line up is Star Fox Zero the newest version of a old time classic that will make some relive the older glory days of gaming, secondly a new Wii U bundle that comes with the semi popular “splatoon”, and third for the hand held mobile device the 3D’s is Mario and Luigi paper jam. These three will be what Nintendo is hoping will be a better year for its struggling console.

First up is the newest entry into the Star Fox series ” Star Fox Zero”. As some may already know Star Fox has been one of the most popular of Nintendo’s gaming history right next to Mario and the Super Smash Brothers games. Star Fox Zero will take fans of the old school classic back into the thick fog of battle with our hero Fox McCloud as he battles a new evil Empire as they threat the peace and stability. Star Fox Zero will feature a few more like the Arwing fighter will be able to transform again into a walker like it did in Star Fox 2. Also something that has not been seen in a while will be the possibility of the LandMaster fighter from the Nintendo 64 also coming back. Star Fox will be releasing in April in North America.

The second is a Wii U bundle. The reason we are putting in a bundle is because this bundle is Nintendo’s only bundle worth buying. Splatoon was the fun little family multiplayer game where two teams of little soldiers with paint style weapons would fight in a arena type environment with the sole goal of coloring the map your teams colors. The little soldier can also turn into squids for faster travel in game. However if you step on the enemies color then your running speed slows down greatly. Splatoon is out now for Wii U but for those who are thinking of buying a Wii U get the Splatoon bundle while its no Call of Duty it is still fun.

Lastly Nintendo’s best seller the 3Ds will also be getting it own exclusive Mario and Luigi paper jam. This title is exactly how the name makes it sound. This time Mario and Luigi are doing battle with an old foe that is printing an army of paper soldier to defeat our brave heroes. This 3Ds exclusive will be hitting stores on the 22nd of January.

Lets be honest Nintendo has been having an even worse new generation than Microsoft some of these titles are semi descent enough to try out. For all the best deals even on Nintendo stuff check out the Nintendo gaming page on Amazon.