Nine-Year-Old Boy Uses PlayStation 4 Money To Buy Smoke Detectors For Families In Need

When nine-year-old Hector Montoya of Dallas-Fort-Worth heard that a mother and her young child perished in a home fire he was so moved that he gave up his PlayStation 4 savings to buy smoke detectors for families and individuals in need.

“I was going to buy a PlayStation but I decided saving a life was more important cause one life lost is too many.”

What more can you say?

Hector had saved up $300 but at age nine he was able to comprehend a reality far beyond his years. After making the purchase young Hector teamed up with a local fire department and went door to door to instal them.

When a reporter asked his mother how proud she was of her son she stated that “Hector has a big heart.” A big heart and wisdom that deserves to be rewarded.

In the end, Hector received the PlayStation he had been saving up for. When his story aired on NBC, a Texas brother and sister duo decided to step up and get him the PlayStation 4 themselves.

Pay it forward indeed.