Next Call of Duty Trailer

This year is different for gamers, developers, publishers and even the company that make the consoles, everything is feeling different than a year ago. Everything is different than it was a year ago, Sony and the PlayStation brand finished off the International Call of Duty Multiplayer event. However This year saw the announcement of the next Call of duty title to June during the Sony press brief. However a few hours ago The development studio for Call of Duty is infinity ward released the teaser for this years Call of Duty and it is very likely that we will never know the end to the Call of Duty Ghost story.

So the Next Call of Duty is not Ghost 2 but will be called Infinite Warfare?. In the sixteen second minute long teaser trailer shows something interesting. The trailer shows two individual one what seems to be the main villain in this years story and the other who is one of this year supporting heroes. The game by the look of both teaser trailer look to be very far into the future. How far in the future is yet to be announced. The reason for this observation is the suits of the Character models. The main villain even goes as far to name the organization that is fighting the United States. The organization is called the Settlement Defense forces, this with the rumors of Space combat most likely means the game will feature either human colonies on either the Moon or the planet Mars.

As for the story it clear that this game will Like ghost have the United States or the Allied forces at a massive disadvantage to our enemies. The second trailer also shows what we assume to be an American Soldier is a battle on whatever installation that he is fighting on. This also shows that infinity Ward is staying with the idea the United States is at a huge disadvantage much like the story found in Call of Duty Ghost.

The newly released trailer from a few hours ago changes everything especially the whole understanding of the two released teaser trailers. The official reveal trailer shows off everything and even explains what the Teaser trailer meant when the messages was released with urgency. The official trailer shows space combat on a different level than what is available in even Star Wars. Not only that but We also get massive space ships to help us and able to travel through most of our solar system.

Best part about this trailer was at the end. At the end of the trailer we get to see something amazing and unexpected. The official announcement of the High Definition remake of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The best call of Duty of them all will be making its return to the current generation of Consoles with this HD remake, and will becoming with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Everything from the original Modern Warfare had will be coming back for our enjoyment again.

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