Today we have some great news for Call of Duty, Arma 3 fans and a few other popular titles making there way in the video gaming community. In recent weeks Activation has been leaking and leaning more and more towards the official announcement of Call of Duty Ghost 2, but as recent of today Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 & 2 may become backwards compatible titles exclusively on the only Console that offers Backwards Compatible the Xbox One. The second piece of news is in regards to the Apex expansion and is possible release date.

So Call of Duty. Call of Duty has for the past few years announce it next game in the late February to March time frame. However this year both Activision and its new partner Sony’s PlayStation brand have agreed to delay the official announcement. In recent days however it was leaked that Call of Duty 2016 will be Call of Duty Ghosts 2. This leak came weeks after PlayStation and Activision released a joint statement saying the official announcement of the next Call of Duty of this year maybe releasing with something else for Xbox One owners. Call of Duty Ghosts main development studio is Infinity ward, this studio has developed another popular trilogy series and the Call of Duty franchises first trilogy the Modern Warfare series. With next Call of Duty Xbox one owners will have the chance to play these two classics a second time on the Xbox One. The original story broke on the site gamezone that clams an “anonymous source” said both the first and second games of the Call of Duty modern warfare series will be backwards compatible pre orders. The author of the article went as far to say that “Call of Duty: Black Ops One apparently coming to Xbox One soon.” Given that Activision is currently under contract with Sony and PlayStation of 30 exclusivity on content it is hard to see this really happening but it is also possible given that Microsoft and its Xbox Brand are the only company with a working Backward Compatible system that will eventually include the entire library of last generation games.


Arma 3 Apex. Apex is Bohemia interactive most anticipated expansion of the series. As we have covered before Apex will be giving everyone in the Arma community something new, everything from weapons, vehicles, to a new location an Island in the south pacific, and tons of modding updates. However the one thing we do not know is when Apex will release. The developers have promised it would be in the early day of the second quarter of this year however other reports have revised this to sometime in the second quarter, and know Steams online store has the release date listed as “June 2016”. But one thing we are not asking is will Apex even be ready for a second quarter release, and maybe release later this year. Not to mention update Eden also released in the fast weeks of February.  Stay tuned as we work on whatever developments may come up as we wait to see what arma will be doing later this year as we wait for Apex.


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