TitanFall 2 teaser

A few days ago Electronic Arts shocked the gaming community with the TitanFall 2 teaser trailer. The trailer comes a few months as the EA CEO’s made a vague announcement for a possible TitanFall 2 and new Battlefield. However this time around TitanFall will not be a single console exclusive, so both PlayStation 4 owners and PC owners will get the chance to play the same game and maybe even against Xbox One users if the connection cross play works between PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The Most important thing about the trailer you will undoubtedly notice is the voices. The Voices in the back ground are of some of the characters from the first TitanFall. The voices is of the remaining leader ship of the privet Military corporation known as IMC. The voice is of Captain Gates who original was second in command of the IMC military opens the trailer with a the asking what you believe in and if it’s even worth believing in.

The setting shows a massive open Jungle world that sounds full of life. In the first TitanFall the developers kept interaction with the wild animal life on the plants brief and distant with a few exceptions. This time however in titanfall to the story is different. This time however the life outside the two factions of players and Ai ma now have a larger roll than before. One reason is behind the voice of Captain Gate and the stomping you can hear the loud sound of animal wild life.

A part from the environment and the voice actor we get our first look at the titan at the very end. Now the object in the teaser were we believe the pilot to be in looks like an escape pod for one person or even a single person orbital drop pod from the first TitanFall. This image begs the question as to what happened to force this pilot to be alone at this point, could EA be trying to tease the possibility of a solo story mode apart from the multiplayer driven story mode of Titan fall one, or could it even mean something else on a scale we the players can only image titanfall is going to be on.

Lastly lets talk Titans. The most important part of the game is the massive walking tank called a Titan. At the very end there is a new weapon when the Titan goes to pick up its new pilot. The new weapon the Knife look like a massive utility knife that is over kill for another use than destroying things. As of right now that is all we know of the titan simple due to the length of the teaser. However we maybe seeing more depending how close the official trailer release is from E3.

Expect to see the full trailer on June 12 just two days before the biggest week in gaming E3 week. E3 will go from June 13 to June 16 kicking off with Microsoft E3 press briefing at 9:00am PST.

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