New Xbox One

A few weeks ago gaming cop released an article that was meant to explain what gamers would possible see in the next generation of gaming console that are going to replace both Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Today however we are not addressing any rumors of next gen, nor are we confirm that the next generation console is going to be announced anytime in the near future. However we can say what we and other games want to see in the next generation of Xbox.

So first up lets look at were Microsoft got it wrong with the Xbox One how they should avoid these mistakes in the future. First up the Xbox One did not focus on gaming, This was one of the biggest thing that really got to Microsoft fans you see the Xbox one was made out to be this super entertainment device that made it look like gaming was second. This also leads into the next problem the Xbox One did not come with Kinect optional which means that the Kinect was and had to be apart of the console cause the price of the One to sky rocket to a whopping five hundred dollars plus Tax and shipping and handling. The Xbox one had to be connected to the internet 24/7 or else it would not work, another problem like the always connect idea was the Xbox One would not allow people to use used or borrowed games from a friend or renting service like Game fly. As a little side note all the issue with the Xbox One have been resolved before its release and after with the major system updates that have released in the two years of the consoles life.

Now that we looked at the major short coming that brought the Xbox brand from the most powerful and best selling Console to second place behind the PlayStation brand, lets look at were the future of the Xbox brand should go.

First off the Next Xbox should include all of the secondary entertainment packages that the Xbox One offers, But in a Secondary role behind the main primary purpose of the console and that is gaming. The Xbox of the next generation should be to give the gamer as much power as possible but be affordable, the main reason that the Xbox fell behind the PlayStation was because the PlayStation offered the same power but for a lower price. Another thing that the Next Xbox should have is the ability to be played with Hololens or without, the biggest reason is because Microsoft new strategy to regain some lost ground is to connect every piece of hardware to each other however since the hololens could add up to the price of the next gen Xbox also with the possibility of a new kinect as well Microsoft and Xbox would do better as selling these two products by themselves and the Xbox in its own bundle with the controllers. The Next Xbox should also come with Backwards compatibility to original Xbox Games all the way to the Xbox one and feature some kind of mini reward for it sort of like a thank you for staying with Xbox or something along those lines.

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