New Xbox News

Today we are bring you the newest This week on Xbox. And this week there is a lot to talk about with more details about the Halo 5 Guardians new infinity armory update along with The halo world wide E sport tournament that will taking place soon after the local championship team of Europe and some the Division new that we will also look at today. Also Larry brings up how and what to Expect from the newly released February update that was released for preview members this past week.

First thing about the news being touched upon in the episode is the Halo events that are coming up in the next few weeks. The Infinity update will be releasing sometime this week most likely between Wednesday and Friday of this week and we will go onto greater detail including the information we talked about in regards to the new Assassinations, armors weapons and others such as maps and other thing coming to the content update like infinity armory. Second piece of Halo news is the regional halo epsort event is rapping up in France for there competition. Soon the main halo competition that will pit the highest ranking teams against each other for the grand prize of three thousand dollars cash from Xbox and Microsoft. If you want to catch the event on Twitch channel dedicated to the event as well as ESPN.

Second we have beta new for the Division and the new update that will release in the mid to late month of February. The first major piece of news is The Division beta. The beta will be live starting the 28th of the month first on Xbox One, lent PlayStation, and PC. The beta has two ways to accessed, first is by buying the game will guarantee you access to the beta not to mention a bunch of other things like exclusive content and other things. The second way to get access to the beta is by signing up for the beta on the Division main website this is a less than promising way to save yourself a spot for the game this way is not a hundred percent but will save you some cash if the game is a bust than you saved the cash from a pre order. The second beta is the system beta that was released earlier this week to the preview members earlier this week. The new system update newly released for preview members is just the first wave. The newly released features of this update is the party preview, new avatar store, the achievement leader board, and the updated Avatar Store. A lot of these new updates are fan request and the new system is still buggy with some reporting slower loading games and crashes.

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