New World War 2 indie on KickStarter

Very recently a new Indie developer from the United Kingdom have started a KickStarter to help fund the new generations World War two game called “BattleFront 1944” this game has just entered pre Alpha status with some gameplay available on the Developers kickstarter page for all who are interested in seeing what is in store for the up coming game. The developers also talk a lot about what motivated them to make this type of video game and why they want to bring it to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam. So far the game has been able to raise one hundred thousand dollars in just a few days since its announcement, also remember the currency is in UK pounds you will still be able to pay in dollars but it maybe more than the price on the site thanks to trade rate and value differences of the dollar and pound.

First the gameplay and the plot of Battlefront. Battlefront is being made with one purpose in mind and that is to create a classic world war two multiplayer only style game. The developer even say that the idea came from the hours playing call of duty two and Medal of Honor games that took place during the war. With this in mind they set out to make the best world war two game of there dreams, and that what they seem to have done. From the brief gameplay available on the page everything in the pre alpha looks good the game will have players fitted out with old classics like the American Grand rifle, Thompson Sub machine gun, the German Krag and maybe even the MP-40. For a game generated fully by pc the movements are very fluid for example a reload or for the bolt action rifle the movements looks very realistic or as close to realistic as you can get from a video game. The game will launch with two factions that we know of so far it will be the American Military and the German army. Each match will be six player per team making the total number allowed on any map twelve. Also there are two maps so far one that will take place in a Forrest with tree and bunkers, down trees, and rivers similar to the a level in Call of Duty three the second to last World War two game of the Call of Duty series before the game went to Modern warfare and Black ops. The other map is a bombed out french village this map will likely feature destroyed vehicles like tanks, jeeps, maybe some downed bombers and other things.

Because the game is a Kickstarter it feature a lot of little add on for those who help support the game. The packages feature things like early access to the Steam beta or T shirts, custom dog tags, in game add ons thing like that. Obviously each person who pledges a higher amount gets more than the other for the beta. The other stretch goals have not been announced but may come later on. Also be careful when it comes to investing money like this because if it is a scam then the money is gone for good.

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