New War Thunder Update

This week has been all about the PC games and gamers. The tons of PC news about some big hitting titles like Arma Apex detailed about what expect from the game. However another popular title that is also getting a fairly large update its self is War Thunder. While war thunder is not a PC exclusive because of it cross platform play ability with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4. The new update features new content in the form of planes to improvement made to the games stability. The new features that will be coming in this update a for the most part fixes that we will be help to gamers who play on a regular bases.

So the tech upgrades first. The upgrades to the games stability while War Thunder has not had any major flaws since it release there still exists the little defects and issues that plague some players in game at all levels of experience. While keeping the core game running smoothly. The first fix to the game is the fix to client stability, you see in someplace especially here in the States gamers of the massive multiplayer vehicle shooter of world war two vehicles some people log in kept force ejecting or giving error messages. Other reasons are to support older systems like older versions of windows like Windows Seven and Eight. Also client optimization is also getting an update from to make it better than what is already available. Finally the rare bugs and the bug that gets ground units stuck in rocks on the Tunisia location are also fixed. The game keeps getting better and better on both PC and PlayStation so the war thunder experience becomes easier and better to navigate when playing for returning veteran or new players to the game.

The Second half of the update focuses on some of the aircraft units that have been updated as well to improve reliability of the units in game. these are the Changes in “Flight Models” of the Aircraft from the official update War Thunder webpage

“La-7/B-20 – Wing polar for “landing” flaps position has been updated. Fuselage and fin polars have been updated.
Ju-87d-5/G-2 – Fuselage and fin polars have been updated. The calculation of the transition processes on the wing and fin polars has been refined (The sideslip of the aircraft while maneuvering at low speed has been reduced).
I-185 M-82/71 – The possibility of getting the aircraft into an uncontrolled spin by using the rudder in arcade battles game mode has been fixed.
XP-55 – Aerodynamic characteristics of the wing and stabilizer has been refined. The balance of the aircraft has been adjusted, the behavior of the aircraft in the stall on the stabilizer has been refined (“peck” is now more accented).

As you notice these aircraft a lot of the avionics of these aircraft are what need the most updating because some players may already know while flying these aircraft they always crash when they become un-maneuverable after non serious damage.

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