New Update and More Microsoft event

About a week ago apple hosted a press event to officially announce some new products as well as some major changes to the Iphones Ios operating system as well as a few new devices joining the apple product line for the remainder of the year and before the larger apple event in the fall. However today was Microsoft day to shine. Today at the Microsoft event called “Build 2016”, and how today kicks off nothing but three days of info for everything that has to do with Microsoft newest and best update since windows 10 announcement and release last summer.

However we are not covering all the details of the press brief we are only going to talk about what the anniversary update is bring to Xbox One and PC to make gaming a lot easier for all.

So the biggest piece of news to come out of this event was the fact Microsoft and Xbox are going to turn the Xbox one into a multi a fully functioning developers kit. The entire Xbox one will be able to develop apps, maybe even games with the new Anniversary update. The demo of the new development feature was kicked off with a member of the staff launching the new developer kit or “Dev Kit” application that grants you full access to the possibilities of making your imagination reality. The Dev kit will not just be limited to gaming like previously stated. The dev kit in the demo was being used to create an app to better store photos on a window device like the new surface pro 4 and surface book. With this Microsoft is really trying to pull out all the stops and make the Xbox more competitive with Sony PlayStation 4. The main drive force of the dev kit is to encourage players to fully explore whatever they want to do you with the dev kit and that all created content will be available on all window devices.

The Dev kit works for all it is simple to use and based on the demo will have limitless possibility in the future. However this dev kit is not the same that was developers only to release the original release date of the Xbox one. This dev kit will most likely not cause lethal damage to your Xbox like the earlier dev kit. So it will be safer for indie developers as well.

One question we need to look it at apart from the dev kit is what Phil Spencer the head of Xbox said after his piece and the section on Xbox was over. He said to expect more details on the dev kit as well as the future of the Anniversary update at this years E3. The exact content that will be included in the full year one update is still under raps. We can only assume that the Cortana assistant will also be part of this year one update long with other so called universal promises.

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