New Trailers Armored Warfare

The developers of Armored Warfare have released two new trailers a few hours apart. The first trailer a new camo trailer and the second is an in depth understanding of what will be coming in the next update to Armored Warfare. The update does include content seen in the other trailers like the mineral mine map and the new Wolf pack.

The first trailer is called the Wolf Pack. This trailer shows the new skin add on for a few of the vehicles in game. The the winter skin add on from this past December that featured a polar bear on the side of the tanks and other Armored Vehicle that were able to get the paint job. The wolf pack draws inspiration for its color design for the red and black from the two skin packs released late last year like the mercenary pack and the Halloween pack. The skin camo makes you tank look a lot cooler than the previously released skins. What may make this one so popular is because the skin acts as a wolf pack mentality of being a group one pack helping and hunting for prey as a group. The main reason for the developers releasing this add on is to better the team work aspect and encourage that mentality with a wolf packed themed skin. Get the wolf skin pack now because it is limited for the last two week of march

The other trailer is the new update trailer. The new update is features a lot of content seen in other trailers. The content is The Panhard Crab, the tiger desert skin pattern. The biggest new feature coming to the 0.14 update is the new Mining map that is split between a close quarter combat environment with high areas as well as the second half that is a massive open field connected by cave systems. Lets kick things off with the Crab. We spoke on the crab a few days ago when its announcement trailer. The crab will be in a perfect operating zone because the crab can perform on a competitive level on either side of the maps for either team. The second feature of this trailer is the other skin coming as a part of this update. The trailer shows off the new desert tiger skin coming with the update. The new desert themed skin will add a lot to the games and players overall ability to be stealthier at a distance. Now finally we have the map. We also talked about the mining Map before however now that it is apart of this over due update we have to bring it up. The map has been improved and given a few more caves to connect to the main field were tanks can fight it out in there full glory. There willmalso be more caves to hid in and fire from as static positions for surprise attacks.

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