New This Weeks Xbox News

Today we bring you the newest episode of This Week on Xbox hosted by Larry Hyrb Aka Major Nelson delivers the best news regarding all things Xbox. The major headlines include a few new beta announcement and both the Titanfall 2 teaser as well as the Gears of War 4 Tomorrow trailer. Also we have some news in regards to the Halo 5 Fire fight Warzone beta releasing on Xbox One. As always at the end we also find out the newest free games with gold for the month. Lastly Larry talks about a few more events going live in Forza and a few updates on The Division and the Fallout 4 release including a few more add ons.

First update lets talk about the updates. The newest update for the already released games like the Division and Fallout 4. The Update for The Division is a content update called “Incursion”. Incursion is the first free content update released for the Division and the first of two Ubisoft has planned before the DLC expansion that will release sometime in between June and July. Incursion features a new mini story add on and is were Ubisoft is testing the new concept of player classes for the game, than are the DarkZone updates that feature supply drops that do not need to be decontaminated before use. Next we have the Fallout 4 add on called “Wasteland Workshop”. Wasteland Workshop allows the player to capture creatures and either train them, fight them, have them fight each other or even fight the towns people. This add on is going to be a ton of for everything in game. The Forza update features two parts, part one is Forza will have several new online competition new to the game. Each competition will give players the chance to secure a place in a bigger in a bigger future competition.

Next Gears of War beta is coming and the best way to secure your place in the Beta is pre order the game. The Gears of War 4 Beta will end in May. Next is the Doom Multiplayer beta is available until later this month. Doom 4 release in May. Last but not least is the new Halo 5 WarZone Firefight beta. Firefight mode in Halo 5 will have a single map were two teams of seven Spartans fight each other as well as Covenant and Forerunner forces.

Also The developers that work on Forza and Fallout came together to put in a few special surprises. The pre nuclear strikes cars. Both cars have a classic with a futurist feel both are powerful with race winning ability.

Xbox as a brand seems to be improving more and more especially as the newest games coming into retail between now and the fall.

Xbox One is selling at 299 per console allowing those interested to buy a console and a few games. For all thing Xbox including consoles accessories games or whatever Xbox gear you want checkout the full Xbox list on