New Step for EndWar Online ?

For those who do not already Know the Ubisoft developers responsible for making and running Tom Clancy End War Online have deiced to bring the former Browser based game is now available on Steam for download. Do not be confused the game is not complete it is still in beta and has a long way to go before it can even be considered to close to releasing the full version of the game. Also the gave has only recently opened to open beta after two years of development coming up on a third coming. Also a lot of the reviews have not been positive in its recent reviews and also most blogs. Today we are going to look at the series and whether it has a future or not due to how the developers are making End War online a total opposite of the first End War.

Tom Clancy End War Online was at the beginning of its development meant to be a browser based game only however following recent developments that is no longer the case. The game is fun but do to its nature it can gets old fast, for those who do not know the game is a top down style strategy that will limit units to a total of six for every mission, there are a total of nine chapters, and Three Factions The America’s Joint Strike Force (JSF), Russia’s Spetsnaz Guards Brigade (SGB), and lastly the European Federation’s Enforcer Corps (EC). The differences from the original End War are huge and ever present, you see where the game ended with one Faction calming total victory over the other two as the worlds sole superpower. Online however does not follow the same ending but rather a world that saw the three superpowers stall in there conflict and each one was currently fighting internal insurgency or rebel militia factions trying to destroy the central governments of each power.

Now the reason people are not like the online version of the game is because at its core it is a low budget, low power game meant for browser. The game does not have the same feel to it the way end war one did so it is sort of a spine off rather than a full game of the universe. End War online has a host of new units that were not in the original 2008 game that released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. EndWar online should not be on Steam because it does not feel like a steam worthy game, it does not have that open world strategy high budget game that are currently on steam. The reviews plus the previous posts we here at gaming cop have made show that the game is a better browser game. A lot of the reviews cal the game out on the fact that it is not a sequel to the original.

Endwar is buggy Endwar online is not really the best for a steam titles. The best option Ubisoft has is to scrap online now and focus on a real Sequel to The first endwar that fans have bee begging for.

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